Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How do I select a button?

  • Buttons are selected by dwelling on them for a short (configurable) period of time. A button animation will indicate if a button has been pressed.

How do I control the cursor?

  • The cursor is controlled through head movement, not eye gaze. For example: pointing your nose up then down will translate into vertical cursor movement and turning your head right then left will cause horizontal cursor movement.

What devices support Jabberwocky?

  • Jabberwocky runs on most iOS devices, but Face Tracking functionality is only available on iOS devices that support Face ID (as of 2019-1-14 this includes iPhone X series phones and 2018 iPad Pro 3s). Also due to screen size limitations, iPads are the only devices that include phrase prediction and multiple word prediction rows.

How do I change the keyboard layout?

  • Jabberwocky supports ABC and QWERTY keyboard layouts. Rotating the device allows you to switch between the two different keyboard layouts.

How do I change the voice?

  • Jabberwocky currently only supports iOS installed voices in your country of origin. There are a number of voices and high quality enhanced voices for download through Apple’s Settings app. For example, to change the voice to ‘Tom (Enhanced)’ for a device with English (US) as its country of origin follow these steps:

    • Navigate to the iOS Settings app.

    • Navigate to General -> Accessibility -> Speech -> Voices

    • Select ‘English’

    • Select ‘Tom’ and then click the Cloud icon to the right of Tom (Enhanced)

    • After the voice package is downloaded, tap ‘Tom (Enhanced)’ and verify that there is a checkmark to the left of ‘Tom (Enhanced)’

    • Open Jabberwocky and test it out!

*More Questions Coming Soon!