Frequently Asked Questions

How do I click on things?

  • Blink to click on a button or a selected item. A button animation and sound will indicate if a button has been pressed.

  • To click anywhere on a page even when there is no selection: blink once and a targeting cursor will appear at the current point. Blink on it again to click on that point.

How do I control the cursor?

  • The cursor is controlled through head movement, not eye gaze. For example: pointing your nose up then down will translate into vertical cursor movement and turning your head right then left will cause horizontal cursor movement.

What devices support Jabberwocky?

  • Jabberwocky runs on most iOS devices, but Head Tracking functionality is only available on iOS devices that support Face ID (as of 2019-4-23 this includes iPhone X series phones and 2018 iPad Pros). Also due to screen size limitations, iPads are the only devices that include multiple prediction rows.