ATCNE 2018

Coach Vic and the team.

Coach Vic and the team.

Last week we took a short trip to Providence for the Assistive Technology Conference of New England. All told, it was a great experience. We got to meet with many professionals in the assistive technology industry: SLPs, OTs, entrepreneurs. We made some connections and I hope a couple of friends, too. I met a mom who became an enablement coach in the process of advocating for her son, who has Down syndrome. I met a dad who’d been working in the field for a few years before he had a daughter with a disability.

Four different people told us that Jabberwocky was the most exciting thing they had seen in a while. We also met a gal who told us that there is no way she would ever consider using our app because it gave her a headache. And of course many responses were somewhere in between! Feedback along the whole spectrum is valuable.

A conference attendee at ATCNE 2018 says "hello" using only head movement.

Oh, and apparently a lot of folks loved the adjustable iPad stand we bought? 😛

Next year we’ll be going to a lot more events like this one, to connect with people in the field. Where do you like to learn about the latest in assistive technology?

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